The Roughometer – Measuring Surface Condition

During machining, regardless of the precision of the machine used, it is to be expected that the surfaces will have irregularities. These irregularities are micro-geometric asperities due to imperfect machine tools (yes! Perfection does not exist!). The measure of these imperfections is essential. For more than 80 years, measuring surface finish has been used to improve product performance. By qualifying an average to these defects it is possible [...]

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Roughness Ra | Arithmetic Average of Roughness Profile

The roughness Ra is, in mechanics, an average characterizing the surface condition of a part or material. In industry, roughness control is part of the dimension validation process and ensures part conformity during machining. There are other indicators that characterize the roughness of a surface, but in this article we will focus on the general surface condition of the control area. What is the roughness Ra? Definition The [...]

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