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How to mount the plastiform cartridges ?

This video shows you how to mount the 50mL Plastiform cartridges on the DS-53 applicator gun. You will also be able to observe the assembly of the cartridge, injector and tip and the use of the assembly with the applicator gun.
 Before each application, check that the assembly is correctly mounted as on the video. Once the application is complete, you can throw the injector in a bin, the tip is reusable. The Manual Applicator Gun by Plastiform Mount the gun [...]

How to hand the Re-form ?

Re-FORM is a thermoplastic resin that allows parts to be held or stiffened, or to protect them against clamping. By heating it to over 60°C, it becomes transparent, molded and malleable. You can therefore model it by hand to make it a shape that can be adapted to your needs. Once dry, it becomes extremely rigid, which allows it to protect or reinforce a part. Why use a thermoplastic resin? The Re-FORM: the Plastiform's thermoplastic resin. Thermoplastic resins are extremely hard [...]

What is the purpose of the plastin ?

Plastin is an industrial modelling clay used in the industry for its technical specificities. It can be used to position a part, create dams, plug holes, etc. It never dries and does not adhere to the products and is very elastic, which makes it much more effective than a traditional modelling clay. Why use industrial modelling clay? The plastin technical specificities The plastin has a high elasticity, so it is difficult for it to break. This allows it to play a [...]

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