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How to Substitute Masking Scotch?

The purpose of masking is to protect areas of a part from surface treatment. In general, masking is a long and arduous operation that requires handling and a lot of adhesive. Adhesive is the most [...]

Quality Control, Definition and Interests

Quality control is a procedure implemented by companies to ensure the conformity of a product. Conformity is established on the basis of criteria developed by the company or by mutual agreement between a supplier and [...]

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With the Plastiform case, you will have all the accessories you need to take an impression in 3 dimensions and use it. Customize your case or opt for our already referenced solutions available !

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Plastiform mallette / Case ML 040

The Roughometer – Measuring Surface Condition

During machining, regardless of the precision of the machine used, it is to be expected that the surfaces will have irregularities. These irregularities are micro-geometric asperities due to imperfect machine tools (yes! Perfection does not exist!). The measure of these imperfections is essential. [...]

Non-Destructive Thread Inspection by Impression Molding

Threads are helical threads more commonly known as thread pitch. When a thread is inside a cylinder (female thread), it is a female thread. Conversely, a thread is an external thread (male thread). Thread, bore and tap inspection is one of the common [...]

Non-Destructive Testing or NDT

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), also known as Non-Destructive Control or Non-Destructive Evaluation, is a discipline grouping together processes and techniques that make it possible to measure and ensure the conformity and integrity of a material or part without having to destroy or alter it. [...]

Profile projector | Use them with Plastiform technology

A profile projector is an optical measuring instrument used in metrology and quality control. This device allows the shadow of the part to be measured to be projected on a screen which is then used by the operator to perform the measurements.x It's [...]

Roughness Ra | Arithmetic Average of Roughness Profile

The roughness Ra is, in mechanics, an average characterizing the surface condition of a part or material. In industry, roughness control is part of the dimension validation process and ensures part conformity during machining. There are other indicators that characterize the roughness of [...]

Industrial Metrology | Definition and Use Case

Metrology is a scientific discipline that includes all methods for obtaining measurements. Industrial metrology is a branch of the discipline applied to the production sector. In the industry, metrology is most often used to check dimensional conformity, it is a way of ensuring [...]

How to mount the plastiform cartridges ?

This video shows you how to mount the 50mL Plastiform cartridges on the DS-53 applicator gun. You will also be able to observe the assembly of the cartridge, injector and tip and the use of the assembly with the applicator gun.
 Before each [...]

How to hand the Re-form ?

Re-FORM is a thermoplastic resin that allows parts to be held or stiffened, or to protect them against clamping. By heating it to over 60°C, it becomes transparent, molded and malleable. You can therefore model it by hand to make it a shape [...]

What is the purpose of the plastin ?

Plastin is an industrial modelling clay used in the industry for its technical specificities. It can be used to position a part, create dams, plug holes, etc. It never dries and does not adhere to the products and is very elastic, which makes [...]


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