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Protection and Masking


When you undertake a surface treatment on a part, it is often necessary to protect certain areas in order to avoid that the treatment affects some surfaces. Plastiforms, thanks to their technical characteristics, are able to create tailor-made protections for one or more parts to be treated. These molds are generally not affected by the surface treatment and can be reused many times.

By using plastiforms in large volumes, it is easy to build a mold for several parts and process them faster and easier, without the risk of damaging them. The F50 XL, for example, is one of the most widely used products against surface treatment:

  • Sandblasting,
  • Polishing,
  • Aerogumming,
  • Shot blasting,
  • Microbead blasting,

Some of our products are also very good for :

  • Chrome plating,
  • Chemical treatments,
  • Heat treatments,
  • Painting.
protection masking waterproofing plastiform F50

Finally, it is possible to use cartridge products or malleable products to create custom-made caps. These products are resistant to both small and large volume surface treatment and will protect small spaces. (Threads, etc.)


protection masking waterproofing plastiform F50
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The choice of the product is made according to the area to be controlled, its difficulty of control and also according to its external environment. (Orientation, accessibility, etc.)
Fluid plastiforms are perfectly waterproof when they have finished curing. Indeed, when the product enters a space, its technical characteristics allow it to flow and occupy the entire space, to the nearest micrometer. When cured, it does not allow anything to pass through it, which makes it easy to create custom-made sealing joints for any type of part.

The F20, thanks to its fluidity and flexibility, is the most recommended product for this type of application since, in addition to being perfectly waterproof, it is very difficult to break it. Be careful, however, that the area to be protected is dry and clean when applying F20.

Also, care should be taken to pour the product slowly and with a tip or needle so as not to create any air bubbles.

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