Control all your parts cheaper.faster.precisely.

Control all your parts cheaper.faster.precisely.

Contrôlez vos pièces plus vite et moins cher.

Plastiforms avoid destructive testing and speed up the quality control process.

By using them, you can control your parts in less than 10 minutes and for less than $5, all without destroying them!

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“A revolution in the way we conduct our checks. With plastiforms, everything is faster and simpler, I’m very satisfied, especially of the results.”

Denis Hoarau
Method Engineer

Plastiform is used worldwide by technology leaders
Our solutions cover all sectors, especially high-technologies, oil and gas and many other field looking for accurate indirect measurement.

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The Simple, Fast and Efficient Non Destructive Testing.

Plastiforms make it possible to carry out your non-destructive inspections in a few minutes, without constraints and for an unbeatable price!


An Application for Every Problem.

Contrôle de dimension avec plastiform

Dimensional inspection is Plastiform’s main application. By using plastiforms you can control more than 98% parts that would require destructive testing.

When your measuring instruments are unable to reach the area to be controlled, plastiforms are able to copy the surface properties. Plastiform allows you to make measurements where you are currently unable to do so.

The precision of the plastiforms enables them to protect all or part of parts against various treatments (sandblasting, shot blasting, painting, etc.). Protective moulds allow incredible repeatability.

Plastiforms are capable of reproducing a surface with incredible precision. Thanks to this property as well as adapted colorimetry, plastiforms allow much more practical surface examinations than on the original surface.

The Plastiform range allows any part to be reinforced, clamped and held. These reinforcements allow to limit vibrations or to consolidate fragile parts during machining.

Cutter à double lame plastiform


Simplify Measurement with the Double Blade Cutter

The Double Blade Cutter is a tool forged to measure by master cutlers from Thier’s region, in France. This accessory is specially designed to cut Plastiform’s sliced impressions in two dimensions.

If you have a Profile Projector this accessory is ideal. It allows you to make sections that are easy to position and measure on this type of machine, and very quickly.

Double Blade Cutter Slices


The Plastiform Case All In One accessory to discover Plastiform

ML-040 Plastiform

The Plastiform Case contains all the accessories required for 3D impression taking. If you have never used Plastiform, this is the ideal product to try out all the possibilities offered by the technology.

Customize your case or choose a case that is already referenced.

Any Question?

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Which product should I use to control dimensions?

Often, several products can be used to carry out an inspection. If you are not sure what to choose, do not hesitate to use our application to help you orient yourself. You can also get in touch with an expert via the Live Chat available on the site!

What is the Plastiform Case for?

The case is a product containing all the necessary accessories to make impressions: The applicator gun, nozzles and tips, to mix the products. The Plastin and the Re-Form, to hold the parts or control the flows. The Degreaser DN1, to ensure that the part is clean and dry, the Double Blade Cutter to cut slices in the impressions and the Plastiforms of your choice.
This is an ideal and economical product if you are buying Plastiform for the first time.

Where can I download the MSDS for your products?

You can find the MSDS of each product on its product data sheet or by consulting the page dedicated to the download of the MSDS available via this url.