The Fill'in


Fill’In are small metal spiral rods that are used to help Plastiform fluid products enter very small spaces. Among other things, they make it possible to capture the smallest details of a part or surface to be inspected.

If you undertake depth checks in very confined spaces, it is possible that the limitation of the space to be checked may prevent you from pouring the product into all the available space. By using Fill’in, you can then introduce a very thin metal spiral rod that will allow you to let the air out and let your product occupy the entire space.

Fill’In are accessories that are used by hand, there is no need for special devices to handle them but they require a certain dexterity.
A Fill’In has a length of 25mm, so they are rather suitable for taking impressions of small or very small parts.

Be careful, this accessory is suitable for fluid or even pasty products, but does not work with malleable products.


Fill’In are situational accessories that can only be used with fluid or pasty products. They are therefore sold individually in boxes of four.


Fill’In can be used for all control applications by taking an impression :

Before any attempt to take an impression with plastiform products, make sure to degrease the space to be replicated with the degreaser DN1. Traces of grease or grease can indeed impact the final quality of the results, so we recommend that you always work on clean and dry parts.

Packaging :

Fill'in are sold at retail only, in small boxes of 4 Fill'in with different diameters.

References :

AC-040 : Box of 4 Fill'in of different diameters. Metal spiral to help Fluid products to be introduced in the finest details.

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