F40 is the intermediate product between F20 and F50. It is both stronger than the F50 and harder than the F20, allowing you to cut it with the Double Blade Cutter. The final impression accepts a higher Extraction Stress (35%).
The impression is very precise and elastic. All details of the shape are reproduced in µm.

The significant deformation that the F40 can undergo during extraction does not alter the dimensions it has captured. Similarly, he will not leave any trace of his passage through the controlled area. This plastiform is an excellent alternative if you cannot use the F50 and want to use the Cutter.

f40 curing time chart

f40 ca-f40-2 ca-f40-8 BRAD B.R.A.D

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximum extraction constraint Working time at 20°c Setting time at 20°c Accuracy Double Blade Cutter Caliber
F40 Fluid Flexible 40 35% +/- 1 min 30 sec +/- 10 min +/- µm Yes No


The F40 is suitable for the following applications :

F40 is a slightly thicker product than other fluid plastiforms. In line with the other products in the fluid range, it is recommended to use a nozzle with the injector to apply the F40. If the flow rate is too low, however, you can cut the tip of the nozzle to increase the flow rate without increasing the difficulty of handling.

When applying a plastiform product, especially F40, be careful not to create air bubbles and to go gently into the injection.

Impression Measurement

The F40 impression is very flexible and is controlled without contact using visual measuring systems:

  • Profile projector,
  • Microscope,
  • Optical measuring system.

The use of the Double Blade Cutter is recommended, it will allow you to cut a profile in the impression and will be much more convenient to analyze.

Plastiform Online Video

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Packaging :

Each product is delivered in 50mL cartridges, with standard injectors and nozzles.

References :

CA-F40-2 : 2 cartridges 50ml + 12 standard nozzles + 6 tips

CA-F40-8 : 8 cartridges 50ml + 48 standard nozzles + 6 tips

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