F30 Max is a fluid product that can be injected into very complex parts. As long as the diameter is greater than 0.1 mm, the product easily infiltrates into parts of any size. The final impression is also very flexible and very resistant (hardness of about 30 Shore A). It withstands a very high extraction stress (up to 40%).

The F30 Max is also the most elastic and resistant product in the range. Its replica can not withstand high elongations and high stresses. On the other hand, it is a difficult product to apply. It requires special technical skills to properly remove air bubbles. Its extreme elongation capacity allows it to be used for very complex internal shape impressions (threads, grooves or internal grooves…).

As with any plastiform, it creates very precise copies. It reproduces in great detail the dimensional characteristics, as well as all the surface details (shape, dimension, appearance, surface condition…) of the part.

It is sometimes difficult to extract the impression of F30 Max because it is usually used for very high stresses. We recommend that you contact a Plastiform expert to evaluate the application before you commit to it. In line with other plastiforms, the impression leaves no residue behind.

f30max curing time chart

f30 f30max max ca-f30m-2 ca-f30m-8 ERAD E.R.A.D

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximal removal constraint Working time (20°C) Setting time (20°C) Precision Double Blade Cutter Caliper
F30 Max Liquid Flexible 30 40% +/- 2min +/- 25min +/- µm Non Non


We recommend the use of the F30 Max for the following needs :

By following the instructions for use, it is easy to take your impressions. It is recommended to use a tip with your injector. The F30 Max is relatively fluid, so the tip will allow you to control the flow rate and eliminate air bubbles.

Remember to properly clean your part with DN1 before starting your application.

Impression measurement

The F30 Max imprints are very flexible and are controlled without contact using visual measuring systems:

  • Profile projector,
  • Microscope,
  • Optical measuring system.

Conditioning :

Each product is delivered in 50mL cartridges, with standard injectors and nozzles.

Références :

CA-F30M-2 : 2 cartridges 50ml + 12 standard nozzles + 6 tips

CA-F30M-8 : 8 cartridges 50ml + 48 standard nozzles + 6 tips

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