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The Plastiform Accessory Case is a turnkey product developed for new Plastiform users. It contains all the necessary accessories for taking impressions with Plastiform 50ml cartridges.

If you have never handled Plastiform products before, this is the ideal starting product.

Contents of the Accessory Cases

All cases include the same accessories, only the presence of the Double Blade Cutter is conditional. In the cases, you can find :

  • The Applicator Gun DS-53, the standard mixing nozzles and Tips – This set of accessories allows to apply products in cartridges,
  • The Plastin, Release Rings and Fill-In – They facilitate impression taking, extraction and handling,
  • Reform – C’est une résine thermoformable indéfiniment. Il est particulièrement efficace pour maintenir une pièce durant la prise d’empreinte.
  • DN1 Degreaser – It is the degreaser specially validated for being used with Plastiform.

This list of accessories was made to take full advantage of the Plastiform experience.

Different Cases

There are 3 references of the case already supplied in plastiform product. They are respectively dedicated to particular applications:

  • The Mallette Solution Complète provides all existing Plastiform products (except for large volumes). It allows you to try all the products in order to discover what makes them different.
  • The Simple Internal and External Form Control Case makes available a batch of products dedicated to impressions in simple shapes (without extraction constraint, or with low extraction constraint).
  • The Complexe Internal and External Form Control Caseprovides a batch of products dedicated to impressions in complex shapes (with important extraction constraint).

These 3 references allow you to easily orient yourself towards what corresponds to your application.

Two references of cases without product allow to make personalized cases. These cases only contain plastiform accessories. These two references differ by the presence of an accessory: one contains the Double Blade Cutter, the other does not count it among the accessories.

ml-100 ml-101 ml-040 ml-041 ml-042 ml ml100 ml101 ml040 ml041 ml042

References :

ML-100 : Accessory Case Without Cutter

ML-101 : Accessory Case With Cutter

ML-040 : "Complete Solution" Case

ML-041 : "Simple Internal and External Form Control". Case

ML-042 : "Complexe Internal and External Form Control". Case

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With the Plastiform Case, you will get every accessories required for creating 3D impressions and exploit them. Customise your case or opt for our already referenced solutions available on the website of our official distributors.

Plastiform Case
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