Impression taking for quality control


Since its creation in 1972, RIVELEC has been offering services and products to meet the multiple needs of its customers.

RIVELEC has noticed a recurring difficulty with its customers during the quality control process. To overcome these difficulties, our company decided to market the PLASTIFORM range, which provides innovative alternative solutions. This range allows you to take impressions for quality control on internal and external surfaces. The results obtained are reliable and accurate to the nearest micron.

Concerned about customer satisfaction, our company is committed to constantly improving the quality and performance of its products.

The properties of our products and the success of our brand have led us to become essential in demanding fields such as aeronautics, automotive, precision engineering, energy industry, etc.

Impression taking for quality control

Impression taking for quality control: use and application of our products
The entire PLASTIFORM range is easy to use and can be applied to many surfaces. Indeed, you can apply all our cartridges, sealants and rigids on simple or complex mechanical parts.

Industry professionals generally have to carry out destructive testing or dismantling to
calculate the internal dimensions of mechanical parts. Destructive testing is harmful to your mechanical part as it damages it. By using the products of the PLASTIFORM range, destructive testing is no longer a necessity.

RIVELEC products have the ability to be applied to a multitude of surfaces that are sometimes considered inaccessible, bulky or too fragile by our customers. In addition, our range of products will allow you to obtain with precision the metrology of your part. You will also be able to know the roughness and thickness of your part.

If you are looking for products that allow you to take an impression for quality control, choose PLASTIFORM..

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