Tips for Standard Nozzle


The tips are small plastic elements that connect to your mixing injectors. They control the flow rate at the injector outlet so that the fluid products flow completely and do not create air bubbles. If you want an intermediate flow, you can also cut the tip cleanly, but we do not recommend this technique.

Their bird’s beak shape also allows them to reach hard-to-reach areas when you take your imprints.
You can also use the tip to shake the product inside the part. This action will allow the product to take up all the space available to it and reproduce the part with optimal precision.
However, be careful with air bubbles, mixing products too vigorously could create bubbles and alter the final result.

It should also be noted that it is possible to reuse the tips, unlike injectors, which are for single use only.
To reuse a tip, simply remove it from its injector gently. The polymerized product inside should release the tip without damaging it.


The tips are very useful accessories for successful impression taking and are even an essential product. The tip is integrated in all Plastiform cases and all available cartridge packages. Finally, you can buy it individually.


Tips are essential for fluid products and are therefore suitable for any application from fluid cartridge products, in particular:

Before applying a plastiform, it is essential to clean the surface to be replicated with the degreaser DN1.
To install the nozzle on the injector, simply push it in at its outlet end. Both accessories are specially designed to be assembled together. Be careful, the tip is mounted on the injector before the injector is mounted on the cartridge.

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Conditioning :

Standard injector tips are available directly in cartridge boxes, in cases and individual bags.

Références :

AC-015 : 1 Bag of 20 Tips

AC-016 : 1 Bag of 50 Tips

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