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Plastin is a technical modelling paste specific to the industry. Indeed, unlike other modelling pastes, it never dries and keeps its elasticity over time. The plastin is very elastic, it breaks with difficulty, which allows it to also have a protective role for certain applications.

It is used in addition to plastiform products to create custom-made barriers or to hold a part in place when taking an impression. Its use can be very practical when your parts are difficult to position or if they have holes to save.
It is also very often used to prevent fluid plastiforms from flowing out of the control space.

The plastin also has the huge advantage of leaving no trace of its passage on a surface once you remove it. It also leaves no trace of fat.

Finaly, this modelling clay is specially designed for being used with plastiforms and does not alter their results. It is not permissible, so you can use it for long periods of time.


The plastin is available for purchase in bags of more or less 250 grams, it is also included in the plastiform cases.


We recommend using the plastin for the following applications:

  • Dimensional control of internal shapes.
  • Dimensional control of External shapes.
  • Visual control of the surface condition.
  • Roughness control Ra.
  • Protection, masking, sealing.
  • Holding, clamping, reinforcement.

Before inserting the plastin, remember to clean the surface properly, even if it is not part of the area to be controlled. The fat could escape during the pause of the modelling clay and alter the results of the impression. Plastiform recommends the use of the degreaser DN1 from KRISTAL brand, specially validated for impression taking.

Le Plastin
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Packaging :

Plastin is available individually in 250gr packs. It is also present inside plastiform cases.

References :

AC-014 : Multi-purpose technical modeling dough. Malleable cold. Do not dry.

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