Kristal brand DN1 degreaser is a powerful part cleaning product. The product acts on the surface to be cleaned and then evaporates without leaving any traces or residues.

We recommend cleaning your parts with DN1 degreaser before each plastiform impression. Indeed, this degreaser has been specially validated for use with our products because it is completely compatible with them.

The aerosol is particularly effective against grease or oil substances that interfere with impression taking with plastiform products. If the latter are recalcitrant, do not hesitate to bathe the part in DN1 for a few minutes.


DN1 is available for purchase in aerosol or liquid form in 1L cans.
The 400mL aerosol is also included in all Plastiform cases.


The DN1 must be used before each application, in particular:

Dimensional control of internal shapes.
Dimensional control of External shapes.
Visual control of the surface condition.
Roughness control Ra.

Before applying a plastiform, it is essential to clean the part thoroughly. Use the DN1 2 to 3 times on the area to be checked before starting to inject a plastiform. Grease and oil affect the accuracy of the impression, but the DN1 allows a control area to be cleaned properly.

Conditioning :

The degreaser is sold in aerosol or 1L cans.

Références :

AC-019 : 400mL Aerosol

AC-019-C : 1 litre can

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