Standard Nozzle (8,2cm)


Nozzles are small plastic parts that allow the mixing of two-component Plastiform in cartridges. They have been specially designed for mixing cartridge products. The injector mixes the two components with a 1:1 ratio, making them perfectly homogeneous at the outlet.

The injector fits all our cartridges and its length (8.2cm) allows you to easily reach the end of the cavities to be controlled.
When using an injector, we recommend that you start injecting when you are fully ready to perform your controls. Indeed, when the product is mixed inside, it starts working, which means that after a few minutes, it will have polymerized.

Once the products have polymerized inside the nozzle, it is no longer reusable and you will have to discard it.

Standard nozzle are designed to accommodate tips at their ends. Their use is not mandatory but we recommend that you do so in order to control the output flow more effectively.


Nozzles are essential accessories, without them it is impossible to apply a plastiform in a cartridge. You can find the standard injectors in all cases, in cartridge boxes or in individual bags with their tips.


Nozzles are essential for cartridge products, so they should be used for all applications using cartridge products:

Before applying a plastiform, you must absolutely clean the application surface with degreaser DN1.
To install a nozzle on a standard nozzle, you must clip it to the outlet of the standard nozzle. The nozzle and the tip are specially manufactured to fit together. Be careful, mount the tip on the nozzle before mounting the injector on a cartridge product.

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Conditioning :

Standard nozzles are available directly in cartridge boxes, cases and individual bags. In addition, the injectors are always delivered with reusable nozzles.

Références :

AC-002-48 : 1 Bag of 48 nozzles and 6 nozzles

AC-002-96 : 1 Bag of 96 nozzles and 12 nozzles

AC-002-192 : 1 Bag of 192 nozzles and 24 nozzles

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