Pneumatic gun for cartridges 50ml


The DP-50 is a pneumatic gun that allows the application of two-component plastiform products without effort. It is ideal for operators who will perform repeated tasks.
Compatible with all 50mL cartridges, this injector gun can also be used on a production line in an automated way.

The DP-50 is very useful to avoid the repetitiveness of tasks that can be difficult. It is often used in combination with the DS-73 Automatic Time-Pressure Doser, which automates injection volumes and rates.

This gun can only apply Plastiforms in 50mL format. It mixes the two-component component at a 1:1 ratio, which allows for optimal polymerization of the products once applied to the work area.
Pneumatic application allows you to minimize the hand fatigue that can result from manual injections of other guns.

NB: It is essential to equip your cartridges with an injector in order to guarantee the homogeneous mixing of the product.


The DP-50 pneumatic applicator is very useful for the following regular applications:

  • Dimensional control of internal shapes.
  • Dimensional control of External shapes.
  • Visual control of the surface condition.
  • Roughness control Ra.

Before applying a cartridge product, it is essential to clean the control surface with a powerful degreaser validated by Plastiform: DN1.

The pneumatic gun can be assembled on a production line and connected to the DS-73 Automatic Feeder to fully automate plastic impression taking operations. We recommend consulting an expert to ensure that the tool is compatible with your production line.

Packaging :

The DP-50 Pneumatic Injector Gun is sold individually only.

References :

AC-001-P : Pneumatic gun for cartridges 50ml

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