Needle Nozzle


Needle Nozzles are small plastic and metal parts that allow the mixing of two-component Plastiform cartridges. The injector has been specially designed to ensure the mixing of the two components with a 1:1 ratio. It’s making them perfectly homogeneous at the output.

The Needle Nozzle is only used with certain fluid products (F20, F30 Visual, F50 and F85). Even if it can be attached to all our cartridges, the products fluidity is something important to take into consideration. Its size allows it to easily go to the inside of the part and its diameter (0.89mm) allows it to infiltrate into very narrow spaces. It is the ideal injector for very small part inspection.

We recommend that you only start injecting once you are fully ready to perform all your checks. Indeed, when the product enters the injector, it is mixed and starts working, which means that it will be polymerized in a few minutes.

If the products are polymerized inside an injector or its needle, it is no longer reusable and you will have to throw it away.

Needle injectors cannot be combined with nozzles.


Needle Injectors are situational accessories, they are only sold individually.


Needle injectors are often used for small control applications:

It is essential that you clean the part to be inspected using DN1 degreaser before taking any impressions. To mount the injector on a cartridge product, remove the cap from the cartridge and place the injector in its place, then arm the applicator gun. Be careful, as soon as you press the handle of the gun, the product will start to enter the injector and start working.

Conditioning :

Needle nozzles are only available in individual bags.

Références :

AC-050 : 1 Bag of 10 needle injectors.

AC-051 : 1 Bag of 50 needle injectors.

AC-052 : 1 Bag of 100 needle injectors.

AC-053 : 1 Bag of 200 needle injectors.

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