Manual gun for cartridges 50ml


The DS-53 is a manual injector gun that allows you to apply the products in cartridges using an injector.
Fully compatible with the plastiform range, this injector gun is the easiest to use for impression taking.

The manual dispensing gun is a lightweight and robust applicator gun that allows you to apply Plastiform products manually with precision and dexterity.

This gun only applies 50mL cartridges. It also guarantees a precise and constant 1:1 mixing ratio, which will guarantee a good polymerization of the plastiforms once they are injected. The manual application allows you to control the flow and therefore, not to create air bubbles.

NB: This one-to-one mixing will only be achieved by using an injector with the cartridge.


The DS-53 is an essential product for applying cartridge products, it is present in all cases and is also available as a unit purchase. This product is long time accessory and you will always need it to use plastiforms cartridges.
There are also non-manual automatic guns available for applying plastiforms in 50mL cartridges.


The DS-53 applicator gun is essential for any application from a cartridge product, in particular:

  • Dimensional control of internal shapes.
  • Dimensional control of External shapes.
  • Visual control of the surface condition.
  • Roughness control Ra.

As a reminder, before applying a plastiform, it is essential to clean the part using the degreaser DN1.
To mount the cartridge on the gun, lift the black bracket on top of the gun and pull the black tab out as far as it will go. Position the cartridge, hold it with the black bracket and push the tab in. Attach the injector to the cartridge and tip if necessary and pull the trigger to mix the two-component.

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Packaging :

The DS-53 Manual Injector Gun is sold individually and is included in all plastiform cases.

References :

AC-001 : Manual gun for cartridges 50ml

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