Manual Applicator Gun for 400mL Cartridge


The DS-400 is a manual metal applicator gun that applies Plastiform two-component products in 400mL cartridges. This gun requires the use of quad or long injectors to mix the products.
This gun is the standard application device for high-volume cartridge products.

This manual dispensing gun is a robust metal gun that allows you to apply large volumes by hand. It thus allows manual management of the injection of products.

This gun is only used with 400mL cartridges. It guarantees their mixing with a precise and constant 1:1 mixing ratio, which will guarantee a good polymerization of the products once they leave the injector. By applying the products manually, you can manage the flow easily and avoid the creation of air bubbles.

You will need to use Plastiform injectors, it’s essential to ensure a homogeneous mixing of the two-component products. With the DS-400 you can use the Quadro and Long injectors.


The DS-400 is essential for applying plastiform in 400mL cartridges. It is only sold individually.
There are also automatic application devices suitable for 400mL plastic cartridges.


The DS-400 applicator gun is essential for any application from 400ml cartridge product, in particular:

  • Dimensional control of internal shapes.
  • Dimensional control of External shapes.
  • Protection, Masking, Waterproofing.

As a reminder, before applying a plastiform to a surface, you must clean it with a degreaser validated by Plastiform: Kristal DN1 Degreaser.
To mount the cartridge on the gun, lift the bracket on top of the device and pull the tab out as far as it will go. Position the cartridge, hold it with the top bracket and push the tab in. Attach the injector to the cartridge before mounting it on the gun and pull the trigger to mix the two-component.

Packaging :

The DS-400 400mL Manual Applicator Gun for 400mL Cartridge is only available as a single unit

References :

AC-021 : Manual Applicator Gun for 400mL Cartridge


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