This malleable was developed to meet a need for long-term polymerization. M80 Lp can be applied like all other Plastiform malleable products but has a cure time of about 30 minutes. Its final impression is Semi-Rigid (hardness 80 Shore A), therefore non-flexible. This replica cannot be deformed during its demoulding, and does not support any extraction stress. The M80 should therefore only be used on simple shapes or for partial impressions.

The extended polymerization of the M80 LP allows it to be used for long applications. It is a very specific product that meets specific needs. We recommend that you contact one of our experts if you plan to use it.

The M80 is particularly recommended for clearance and air gap control on assembled assemblies. Its capabilities also allow it to be used in injection moulds. Finally, this plastiform temporarily stiffens fragile parts before machining against vibration and resonance phenomena.

It is possible to cut the M80 Lp impressions with the Double Blade Cutter to obtain a profile of the replica.

m80lp curing time chart

m80 m80lp mt-005 mt-005-b PF-AD

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximum extraction constraint Working time at 20°c Setting time at 20°c Accuracy Double Blade Cutter Caliber
M80 Lp Manual Putty Rigid 80 0% +/- 7 min +/- 20 min +/- 100µm Yes Yes


The M80 Lp is suitable for the following applications:

We recommend applying the paste after mixing and working manually to obtain a smooth surface. Then apply the plastiform over the entire surface in a completely uniform way.

The M80 Lp has an extended polymerization time, so it is recommended not to touch the impression before the time recommended on the product label, otherwise you may affect the results.

Impression Measurement

The M80 Lp impression can be controlled without contact using visual measuring systems:

  • Profile projector,
  • Microscope,
  • Optical measuring system.

Being rigid, it can also be checked with a traditional contact measuring system (caliper, 3D measuring machine) but we always recommend using a visual inspection system.

The use of the Double Blade Cutter is possible but not recommended.

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Packaging :

Each product is delivered in two jars of 450mL A and B (900mL total), with a measuring spoon and instructions for use.

References :

MT-005 : 900ml Pots (2x450ml)

MT-005-B : 90ml Pots (2x45ml)

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