The M70 definitively replaces the KV-AD


Its initial malleable consistency (clay) allows M70 to be applied manually on vertical or overhanging surfaces. The final impression is Semi-Soft (hardness 70 Shore A), and has a low deformation capacity. It accepts a maximum Extraction Constraint of 5%, and must therefore be used on low complexity shapes. The M70 is recommended for creating simple external shape impressions (threads, grooves, grooves, etc.) on medium to large sized parts. It is also used to create custom precision poses for complex or fragile parts. The M70 was developed to replace the KV-AD, an old generation PLASTIFORM Malleable. It is possible to cut this impression with the Double Blade Cutter to obtain a profile of the replica. The profiles greatly improve the quality of the final measurement.

m70 curring chart

m70 mt-003 mt-003-b LK-AD KV-AD KVAD LKAD

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximal removal constraint Working time (20°C) Setting time (20°C) Precision Double Blade Cutter Caliper
M70 Manual Flexible 70 5% +/- 0.75min +/- 4min +/- µm Oui Oui


The M70 is suitable for the following applications:

You do not need a particular technique to succeed in these applications. We recommend applying the paste after working it in such a way as to obtain a smooth surface in order to apply the plastiform over the entire desired surface in a completely uniform manner.

Impression measurement

Plastiform M70
M70 en pots
Plastiform online video

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Références :

MT-003 : Pots 900ml (2x450ml)

MT-003-B : Little pots 90ml (2x45ml)

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