With its malleable consistency, M60 can be applied manually to vertical or overhanging surfaces. The final impression of this plastiform is Semi-Soft (hardness 60 Shore A), and has a low deformation capacity. It accepts a maximum Extraction Constraint of 5%. The M60 is therefore used on less complex shapes.

The M60 is recommended for creating simple external shape impressions (threads, grooves, grooves, etc.). It can be used on medium or large parts. Moreover, it is a very practical product to use to control large assemblies without having to disassemble them.

This product can also be used to create custom protective caps. It is possible to cut the M60‘s impressions with the Double Blade Cutter to obtain a profile of the replica. Performing your measurements on 2-dimensional profiles greatly improves the quality of your results.

m60 curing time chart

m60 mt-002 mt-002-b KE-AD

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximum extraction constraint Working time at 20°c Setting time at 20°c Accuracy Double Blade Cutter Caliber
M60 Manual Putty Semi-Flexible 60 5% +/- +/- 8 min +/- µm Yes No


The M60 is suitable for the following applications :

To apply this product, you will need to mix the two components in equal quantities by hand. You should actively mix until you obtain a homogeneous colour (+/- 20 seconds). Then apply the plastiform quickly before it cures.

Before applying any product from the Plastiform range, clean your parts with DN1.

Impression Measurement

As the M60 impression is semi-flexible, it can be controlled without contact using visual measuring systems:

  • Profile projector,
  • Microscope,
  • Optical measuring system.

It can also be checked with a traditional contact measuring system (caliper, 3D measuring machine) but we always recommend using a visual inspection system.

The Double Blade Cutter is compatible and recommended with this product and will help you to control easily the profile of the shape.

M60 empreinte externe avec le profilvision en fond
m60 empreinte tranchée au cutter
M60 en pots
Plastiform Online Video

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Packaging :

Each product is delivered in two jars of 450mL A and B (900mL total), with a measuring spoon and instructions for use.

References :

MT-002 : 900ml Pots (2x450ml)

MT-002-B : 90ml Pots (2x45ml)

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