The F30 XL, initially fluid, easily infiltrates into the various orifices of the area to be controlled. The F30 XL is generally used to make large impressions due to its long curing time.

The final plastic copy is flexible (final hardness of 30 Shore A), which allows it to resist the stresses and deformations caused by manual extraction of the impression.

The F30 XL is recommended for the control of complex internal shapes, however, it should be ensured that the Extraction Stress does not exceed 15%.

The impression offers meticulous results, close to the micrometer and to the dimensions of the original part. All the properties of the part (shape, appearance, dimensions, etc.) are reproduced on the impression.

Reproduction is not damaged during the extraction process, which ensures accurate results. Inside the part, the F30 XL leaves no trace of its passage.

The properties of the F30 XL also allow it to protect or preserve parts, it can also be used as a seal.

As with all high volume products, the F30 XL offers a longer than normal setting time (about 10 minutes). This is also the case for its curing time, more or less at 25 minutes. These longer delays allow users to pour the mixture completely before it stiffens.

f30xl curing time chart

F30XL F30 XL ca-f30xl vr-007 vr-007 MT-AD-30 MT-AD 30

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximum extraction constraint Working time at 20°c Setting time at 20°c Accuracy Double Blade Cutter Caliber
F30 XL Fluid Flexible 30 15% +/- 10 min +/- 25 min +/- µm No No


The F30 XL is used for the:

Dimensional Control of Complex Internal Forms
– Protection, Masking and Sealing against Surface treatments

You can also use it to:

– Dimensional Control of Simple Internal Forms

To carry out these applications, we recommend that you follow the instructions in the instructions for use to the letter. Carrying out the mixing manually requires particular attention to the quantities mixed and the working time of the product. Make sure to pour the F30 XL gently and that the product flows over the entire surface to be replicated. Beware of air bubbles!

These indications also apply to all other high-volume fluid products in the Plastiform range.

Impression Measurement

As the impression is very flexible, it can only be controlled with non-contact visual measuring systems:

  • Profile projector,
  • Microscope,
  • Optical measuring system.
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Packaging :

The product is available in 3 different formats: 400mL cartridge, 1.7L bottles or 10.2L cans.

References :

CA-F30XL : 1 400mL cartridge + 8 Long Nozzles

VR-F30XL-1 : 1.7-liter bottles.

VR-F30XL-2 : 10.22 litre cans.

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