F30 Visual is an extremely fluid product, which infiltrates very easily into any cavity. Whether small (diameter up to 0.1 mm) or medium size, the product infiltrates and occupies a maximum of space, with a precision of a micron. Its final impression is very flexible and elastic (hardness 30 Shore A), so it is easy to remove it from a part with undercut.

The F30 Visual has been specially developed for visual examinations of the surface condition. The replica accurately transcribes all details to the micron scale, surface defects (tool marks, scratches, streaks, slits, pitting, etc.) as well as shape defects (flatness, undulation, circularity, etc.). Also, the replica is very visually accurate. All surface details (shape, dimension, appearance, surface condition, etc.) are reproduced on the plastiform. The replica is not altered during the extraction step so that the results are optimal. Similarly, it will not leave any trace of its passage through the controlled area. Its brilliant black color makes it easier to see during the inspection.

The F30 Visual is a very flowable plastiform. It is recommended to take this factor into account before performing any handling.

f30v curing time chart

f30 f30visual visual ca-f30v-2 ca-f30v-8 ca-f30v-16 ESAD E.S.A.D

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximal removal constraint Working time (20°C) Setting time (20°C) Precision Double Blade Cutter Caliper
F30 Visual Liquid Flexible 30 20% +/- 1.5min +/- 9.95min +/- µm Non Non


The F30 Visual is the product you need if you have a problem to solve with the following applications :

It can also be used for:

  • Total internal replica of complex shapes
  • Total internal replica of simple shapes

To take an impression with the F30 Visual, strictly follow the instructions in the operating instructions.

We always recommend handling slowly and mixing the product with the tip. Make sure it seeps into every corner of your room. Be careful not to create air bubbles.
These instructions apply to all fluid products in the Plastiform range.

Impression measurement

The F30 Visual impression is very flexible and is controlled without contact using visual measuring systems:


  • Profile projector,
  • Microscope,
  • Optical measuring system.
Plastiform on a watch
Plastiform online video

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Conditioning :

Each product is delivered in 50mL cartridges, with standard injectors and nozzles.

Références :

CA-F30V-2 : 2 cartridges 50ml + 12 standard nozzles + 6 tips

CA-F30V-8 : 8 cartridges 50ml + 48 standard nozzles + 6 tips

CA-F30V-16 : 16 cartridges 50ml + 48 standard nozzles + 6 tips

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