Double Blade Cutter and its Cutting Guide


The Double Blade Cutter is an essential accessory in the Plastiform range. It is a knife with a twin blade welded together that allows profiles to be cut on the axis of the semi-flexible or semi-rigid Plastiform impressions. 

Forged by hand by master cutlers from the Thiers region of France, the Double Blade Cutter allows the plastiforms to be cut without altering their dimensions. This will give you an exact profile (in 2 dimensions) of your replica. This profile will be much easier to control using optical measuring instruments. The guide will allow you to ensure a straight cut when handling the tool.

The standard cutter has a 60 mm blade and a 1 mm to 1.3mm gap between blades. However, the Cutter can be forged to measure, depending on your company’s needs.

The cutters’ blades are made of 12C27 steel, a robust material with a hardness of 57 HRC. Its blades also have permanent sharpening (subject to exclusive use on Plastiform products).


We can create a custom Cutter, however here are our standard ranges: 


  • Small – 0.5mm to 0.8mm
  • Medium – 1mm to 1.3mm
  • Large – 2 to 2.3mm


  • 60 mm
  • 100 mm
  • 200 mm


The Double Blade Cutter is mainly used for the following applications:

Dimensional control of internal shapes.
Dimensional control of External shapes.

To cut a slice within a plastiform replica, make sure that the impression is correctly positioned in the center of the cutting guide. Using the cutter, slice the impression in its transverse axis while holding the cutter perpendicular to the base of the guide.
You will find all the details in the instructions for use to download.

Cutter Double Lame
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Packaging :

The product is delivered alone, with its cutting guide or in a case.

References :

AC-013 : Cutting Guide

AC-013-B : The Double Blade Cutter and its Cutting Guide

CUT-060-S : Cutter 60mm - Small

CUT-060-L : Cutter 60mm - Large

CUT-100-S : Cutter 100m - Small

CUT-100-M : Cutter 100m - Medium

CUT-100-L : Cutter 100m - Large

CUT-200-S : Cutter 200m - Small

CUT-200-M : Cutter 200m - Medium

CUT-200-L : Cutter 200m - Large

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