Demolding Rings


The demoulding rings are small round rings made of rigid plastic. They are used to create a base at the end of the extraction hole of a plastiform impression.

By using the demolding rings, you will be able to remove an impression more easily: They allow you to create a good grip to pull the impression. The bag contains 21 rings of 7 different diameters, so there is a ring diameter for most standard extractions.

The rings are reusable and can never be damaged in contact with plastiforms, they have a very long life span.


The demoulding rings are available for purchase alone, but also in each Plastiform case. This accessory is one of the essential components of the plastiform range. The rings ensure simple extraction of impressions, whether simple or complex.

Placing the impression on the base created by the ring also allows it to be correctly positioned for optical inspection or three-dimensional inspection machines.


The rings are mainly used for the following applications:

  • Dimensional control of internal shapes.
  • Dimensional control of External shapes.

When applying a plastiform product, place the ring at the extraction hole of the impression. Continue to pour the product to the end of the ring (Do not be sparing with the product, you may have a poor grip when removing the impression and have difficulty removing it)

Packaging :

Bag of 21 Rings, delivered alone or in a case.

References :

AC-011 : 21 rings. 7 different diameters. Allows you to create a good grip to easily remove the impression.

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