Quadro Nozzle


The Quadro injector is the standard for injectors associated with 400mL Plastiform cartridges. It is delivered with each cartridge box but can also be purchased at retail. These are long 120mm square injectors that mixes the two components with a 1:1 ratio, this injector mixes the components differently in order to optimize the homogeneity of the plastiform at its output.

The Quadro injector can only be fixed on 400mL cartridges, so it must be longer to be more suitable for the use of these products. Its length also allows it to reach remote areas of a control zone. This injector is essential to use the products in large volumes.

Before you start taking an impression, make sure you are fully prepared. When the two components are introduced into the injector, they will be mixed as soon as they enter the mixing space. It means the products will start to polymerize. This means that the product will harden and get stuck in the injector.
Once a product has cured in a Quadro injector, it must be discarded, it is no longer usable.

Quadro injectors are not suitable for using the nozzles.


Quadro injectors are used for all applications involving products in 400mL cartridges:

Dimensional control of internal shapes.
Dimensional control of external shapes.
Protection, Masking, Waterproofing.

The control area must be de-oiled with DN1, the degreaser of the KRISTAL brand validated for Plastiform use. A quadro injector is fixed on a 400mL cartridge, for this purpose it must be placed instead of the cap of the latter. The injector is always mounted before mounting the cartridge on the applicator gun.
Be careful when you start taking the impression not to waste time with a product while working in your injectors. You may allow the product to cure inside and may have to change the injector.

Packaging :

Quadro injectors are the injectors supplied with 400mL cartridge boxes. They are also available in pack

References :

AC-054 : 1 Bag of 50 quadro injectors.

AC-055 : 1 Bag of 100 quadro injectors.

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