The F70 XL, is a very fluid plastiform. It easily infiltrates into small openings. The F70 XL has a rigidity perfectly adapted to the reinforcement of the part before machining.

Indeed, the F70 XL has a final stiffness of 70 Shore A, which allows it to reinforce a part while resisting the vibrations produced by machining.

The F70 XL is also a product whose cross cutting with the Double Blade Cutter is recommended. When the product is used for dimensional inspection, cutting with a cutter will ensure better accuracy during measurement.

The F70 XL leaves no residue behind.

Like each of the large volume plastiforms, the F70 XL polymerization takes longer than normal to complete (about 10 minutes). The curing time is also increased by more or less 25 minutes. This longer duration has the advantage of allowing the operator to pour the product into large spaces before it begins to harden.

f70xl curing time chart

F70XL F70 XL ca-f70xl vr-013 vr-014 DL-AD-70 DL-AD 70

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximal removal constraint Working time (20°C) Setting time (20°C) Precision Double Blade Cutter Caliper
F70 XL Liquid Flexible 70 0% +/- 10min +/- 25min +/- µm Oui Non


We recommend using the F70 XL to:

  • Dimensional Control of Simple Internal Forms
  • Part reinforcement before machining.

You can also use it to:

  • Dimensional Control of Simple External Forms

If you perform these applications, be sure to follow the instructions in the instructions provided with the products properly. Mixing the two-component components by hand requires special care with regard to the quantities mixed and the length of the mixture. Be careful to pour the F70 XL gently. The product must flow over the entire surface to be replicated or reinforced. Be careful not to create air bubbles.

These recommendations also apply to all other two-component plastiform fluids in high volume.

Impression measurement

As the impression is semi-flexible, it must be checked with an optical machine of type :

  • Profile projector,
  • Microscope,
  • Optical measuring system.
cartouche 400ml F70XL
Bouteille F70XL

Conditioning :

The product is available in 3 different formats: 400mL cartridge, 1.7L bottles or 10.2L cans.

Références :

CA-F70XL : 400mL cartridge + 5 Quadro Nozzles + 5 Long Nozzles

VR-013 : 1.7-liter bottles (2x850ml)

VR-014 : 10.22 liter cans. (2x5,1 liters)

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