The DS-73 is a complementary device to the DP-50 and DP-400 pneumatic applicator guns. This accessory allows you to apply a quantity of Plastiform at regular intervals.
This device allows you to adjust the air pressure in the gun and the duration of application. Thus, it is easy to program the dispenser to obtain a constant and repeatable volume of product at the cartridge outlet. It is the essential tool to integrate Plastiform directly into your production line

This accessory allows you to inject products in cartridges (50mL or 400mL) and is only compatible with our pneumatic applicator guns. Pneumatic guns eliminate the annoyance of manual applications that could become from an long use of manual dispensing guns.

NB: The dispenser does not exempt the use of an injector. After switching off the unit, be sure to replace the injector before turning it on again.


The DS-73 Automatic Doser is sold individually but we recommend that it be used only with Plastiform brand pneumatic applicator guns, for which it has been tested and validated.
You will find it in our catalogue with the reference AC-060.

Product Initial consistency Final consistency Final hardness Maximal removal constraint Working time (20°C) Setting time (20°C) Precision Double Blade Cutter Caliper
DS-73 : Automatic Time-Pressure Doser Liquid Flexible 0 0% +/- min +/- min +/- µm Non Non


The DS-73 Automatic Doser is used for the following applications:

In order to ensure efficient results, it is essential to clean the control surface with DN1 degreaser, validated by Plastiform. Do not hesitate to contact us to ensure the automation of this degreasing process.
The Doser is remote from the production line (unlike guns). It is therefore safe to change its settings, and you can also do so without stopping your production for more than a few seconds.

Conditioning :

The DS-73 Automatic Time-Pressure Doser is only available as a single unit.

Références :

AC-060 : Automatic time-pressure doser for DP50 or DP400

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